mywebTODO - team and project collaboration

mywebTODO supports your work in teams and helps you keeping track of your progress.

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mywebTODO - what is the benefit?

mywebtodo supports you in planning, organizing, directing and controlling projects and tasks you shared in a team.

Plan and set up you projects in mywebTODO and assign team members.

Split you project in individual tasks and todos.

With mywebTODO you can easily direct the tasks to team members.

Follow up on the progress of tasks and approve it after it is done.

mywebTODO sends a daily personal email overview to the team members and remindes of overdue tasks.

It is easy and efficient.

- TODOs, tasks , OPL (you name it)

- bug reporting, issue tracking

- software change management

- decision overview - general information - managing information in teams

perfectly suitable for

- small and medium businesses

- web design service - managing web projects with clients

- software development services - programming with service provider

- working together in teams - social activities - event management

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