TODO - TASK - Open Point List - you name it

Todo, task or open point list based on a free online tool will provide the same level of information to your team.

mywebTODO offers a free online collaboration plattform to organize todos in a team.

CREATE a PROJECT and invite team members.

CREATE a TODO, describe it briefly and name a performer.

Adding NOTES show the efforts and work as well as the results.

By setting the status all other project members are informed about the progress.

With the status "approved" the initiator is able to check on the TODO after completion".

Why should I follow up on todos - what can mywebTODO do for me?

There is plenty to do every day. One of the main taskes is to organise the work.

Who is doing what and when. To direct this information to your team mywebTODO is a beneficial way.

By noting the progress of the work all the relevant info is shared within the team.

mywebTODO is sending a daily overview of the status of the assigned tasks and milestones per email.

The tasks are directed. mywebTODO will take over sending the reminders. A big help.

Howto write a perpect task to move things forward

Vague tasks are often comprised of several smaller tasks. Make sure you account for them. If not they might throw your workflow out of line.

Poorly written tasks will lead you to underestimate what actually needs to get done.

A well-written task will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

Decide WHO needs to do the task?

WHO needs to be involved?

WHO needs to know about the task happening and

WHO needs to know about the result?

Describe WHAT has to be done, start with verb, discuss, find, gather, outline, schedule, verify

Explain WHY this task is needed to move the project forward.

Mention HOW you expect the task to be done? Half n hour on Friday on an Excel table.

All this information will help the performer to estimate and judge the effort and work. It will help him to understand the task upon the first read.

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