Working together in teams - managing social events in a team

Working together in teams is a great experience and can also be quite confusing.

Preparing for a party or social event in a team is somethimes a challenge.

Not all members a structured and experienced in following a timeline.

Make it easy for them. Splitt up the tasks and direct them to the individual members.

Notes attached to the tasks makes you see the momement or standstil. A daily email reminder will help all the members to stay on track.

This way you can easily follow up and help and support if needed.

mywebTODO offers a free online collaboration plattform to interface with clients and perform software development.

People are working on todos, documenting their work and sharing their progress.

CREATE a PROJECT and invite project members, e.g. managers.

CREATE a TODO, describe the task as needed and set a performer and time frame.

By adding NOTES the performer can document its efforts and work as well as the results.

By setting the status all other project members are informed about the progress.

Every todo can be approved by the initator. It can also be set back to status "directed".

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