mywebTODO newsletter online tool - free!

mywebTODO NEWSLETTER is an online tool to create newsletters that works easily in your browser. You can create html newletter emails – without any technical knowledge.

We have made email newsletter incredibly simple and free:

- Start with creating a newsletter

- Add email addresses of followers

Than to create the newsletter email just:

- Create your email

- Format and highlight the content and text

- Attache multiple files like pictures, documents or pdf

- And press SEND

mywebTODO NEWSLETTER is a free and simple online tool. It is perfectly suitable to inform and update your members and interested followers, e.g.

- sports club

- followers of a public initiative

- followers of you organising travels, talks, events

- ...

HTML emails can easily be formatted using the online editor tool. Multiple attachments can be added to the newsletter email.

Providing a link online and in the email, people can independently and easily subscribe and unsubscribe. As an ADMIN you can ADD and BLOCK followers.

mywebTODO NEWSLETTER provids the necessary functionality to allow you to keep you target group informed and updated.

Just Sign up! and start creating your newsletter!

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