Web Design Service - managing web projects with clients

Working and interfacing with clients is a point where a lot of misunderstandings can happen.

A way to avoid this is to be a specific as possible.

Another positive thing I experienced is, when you quickly have a look at the discussed and discribed input.

This way you can easily follow up on the misunderstanding without anyone being hurt.

mywebTODO offers a free online collaboration plattform to share all information - input and output - in projects and tasks.

People are working on todos, documenting their work and sharing their progress.

CREATE a PROJECT and invite project members, e.g. managers.

CREATE a TODO, describe the task as needed and set a performer and time frame.

By adding NOTES the performer can document its efforts and work as well as the results.

By setting the status all other project members are informed about the progress.

Every todo can be approved by the initator. It can also be set back to status "directed".

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